Halloween Costume Ideas For Women

October 31st Halloween, is falling on a Saturday this year.. yes.. SATURDAY.. for the first time in 6 years… and us Victorians are STILL stuck in Iso lock down.. aaarrrggghhhhh However, to make a good situation out of a bad, it means there’s lots of on trend Halloween costume ideas for women, men and kids relating to us being in lock down for such a lengthy period of time. Thinking about how we’ve been locked up for so long and what we may have turned into like cavemen, zombies, grim reapers or skeletons. Check out our little compilation of Halloween costume ideas for women, below.

Annabelle Costume

Now i don’t know about you, but creepy looking old fashioned dolls are scary as hell. The Conjuring and Annabelle movies freaked me out like A Nightmare on Elm Street did to me as a kid. We ve been in iso for so long that our dolls have become antique and possessed. Love this idea of being a freaky possessed doll, it’s an easy, no fuss costume to wear, just put it on and go to your Halloween party. No hair or makeup jobs required. Buy Annabelle Costume Here

Annabelle Deluxe Costume, Adult
Annabelle Deluxe Costume, Adult

Dark Fallen Angel

You’ve been in iso for so long that you’ve lived your whole life, died, gone to heaven… more time passed so you got bored, started to rebel to the point that they cast you out.. You are now the angel who fell and turned to the dark side. Did the devil make you do it? I guess you’ll find out when you choose this costume to wear trick or treating this Halloween. Add lots of shiny black glittery makeup to compliment this look. Team this Women’s Halloween costume up with your devilish partner, she’s hanging out below, and rock the night away in your lounge room for a great iso Halloween night. Buy Dark Fallen Angel Costume Here

Fallen Angel Costume

Devil’s Playground Secret Wishes Costume

You little devil you.. your friend above is waiting to party with you this Halloween. This devilishly sexy she-devil women’s Halloween costume is another no fuss favourite! Go crazy with sinister face paint or keep is simple and seductive, either way, you’ll look the part. Buy She-Devil Costume Here

Devils Playground

Zombie Bride – Til Death Do Us Part

This idea is PERFECT for iso Halloween this year. You’re that bride who has been waiting for restrictions to be lifted just to get married… and it ain’t gonna happen soon by the looks of it. You’ve been waiting so long you’ve turned into the walking dead. You don’t care about your wedding cake anymore, you just want braaaaiiiinzz.. and more than likely belonging to the politicians in charge of this iso HA! Buy Zombie Bride Costume Here.

Till Death Do Us Part Zombie Bride Costume 1 1.jpg

Pumpkin Costume

It takes approximately 120 days for a pumpkin to grow and fully mature.. no wonder you’ve turned into one during this isolation! If you’re not into cutesy, why not turn this cute little Pumpkin costume into a horrifying Halloween costume by adding lots of blood and liquid latex to become a frightful looking carved up pumpkin! Buy Pumpkin Costume Here.

Ladies Pumpkin Costume

Pin Up Frankie Costume

You’ve been in isolation for so long that you’ve withered away to the point that you have to call in Dr Frankenstein to re-create you. Your instructions to him are very clear though.. if you’re going to turn me into a Frankie, make sure i look like a Pin Up Frankie, please! Don’t forget to paint yourself green with our Global Face & Body Art cream paint. Buy Pin Up Frankie costume Here.

Pin Up Frankie Costume

Worked To Death Zombie

Quite contrary for a lot of people during this iso period but for those working in certain industries that have BOOMED, this is how they’d be feeling right now! Frightfully Worked To Death! Go crazy with liquid latex, blood, face paint and hair spray to re-create this Halloween costume idea for women. Buy Worked to Death Costume Here.

Work To Death Zombie Costume 1 1.jpg

For some awesome and easy FX Makeup looks and how to achieve them for your Halloween costumes, check out our blog called Amazing Halloween FX Makeup Ideas. They really are not hard. If i can do them, you can too as it’s not my field of expertise. Gotta love You Tube tutorials haha. Have fun and Happy Halloween.

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