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Halloween In A Nutshell

Hi everyone, Joy here, 33 years ago when we started in the Costume Business, Halloween had not yet caught on. Expat Americans living here helped by dressing their kids in Costumes, decorating their homes with Halloween Props & Trick or Treating. Slowly the public began to understand what Halloween was all about…yep… “HAVING LOTS OF FUN!”

Halloween began in Britain as an ancient Celtic festival called Samhain. In later years to become known as Halloween, 31st of October, the day before All Saints Day. So really, it’s all about scaring away the weird creatures such as Ghosts and Ghouls that awaken on “All Hallows Eve” aka “Halloween”

In the 20th century, it became more popular with children & adults dressing up in costumes. Leaping forward to current times, the trend has increased.

Halloween costumes such as Skeletons, Ghosts, Creepy Nuns, Black Cats, Pumpkins, and Movie Characters with Special FX makeup like Zombies with matching Contact Lenses, Creepy Clowns, and Vampires, are all partying on Halloween. Of course it’s so cute seeing a bunch of little kids in their Halloween costumes, trick or treating as well

Kids Costumes Costume Wonderland
Kids Costumes Costume Wonderland

Gruesome Creations From Our Staff

Every Halloween, our creative staff  love to dress up using our amazing range of Costumes, Special Fx makeup, Contact lenses and Wigs creating some stunningly gruesome ideas for Halloween for all our customers to enjoy.

None of us are professional makeup artists, but by just having fun with it, experimenting and looking up a few things on the good ole internet, these are the results, and yes, many a little kid stopped dead in their tracks and grabbed for their mum’s hand. Every product used in these freaky looks are available in store or in the Supermarket. There’s a list below.


The ideas for Halloween costumes for Adults and children are endless really. You can Zombify or horrify any costume character you like so you don’t have to limit yourself on someone or thing from a Horror or Halloween movie. Put a twist on Disney Fairy Tale characters. You could do Little Dead Riding Hood, Snow Fright, Malice in Wonderland or Mouldilocks. Whether you like to hire or prefer to buy, we’ve got you covered with everything you need. We also have some fabulous makeup artists we can recommend, but seriously, it’s really easy, give it a crack and see what happens and remember, you can never have too much blood. Happy Halloween!