We understand people have time restraints within their busy lives and it can be difficult picking up and/or returning your hired costumes. You may even live too far away or interstate. Well now you can choose to have your costume delivered to you the day before you require it.

Whether it’s a costume you’re hiring or buying , we can send your costume to anywhere in Australia via 2 options.


  • Costs to send a HIRE costume can vary between $25-$45 depending on the weight of the costume.
  • The price of a costume for hire will incur an extra $20 fee which covers the time it takes for the costume to arrive and be posted back. Using a weekend hire as an example, the costume would be posted on Wednesday to allow 2 days, in case you live in an area outside the Express Post Next Day Delivery zone, to arrive on Friday for you to wear on the weekend. The costume must be Express Posted back on Monday for us to receive by Tuesday or Wednesday (if you are outside the Express Post Next Day Delivery zone), to ensure it’s back and cleaned in time for the next customer to pick up on Friday. It we don’t receive the costume back by Tuesday or Wednesday, (if you are outside the Express Post Next Day Delivery zone) a $10 a day fee is charged.
  • Cost to send a purchase item will vary between $13-$25 depending on the size and shape of the package.


  • Same or next day delivery. Depending on the size of the package and suburb within the Metro area, prices vary between $15 – $40 Any suburb outside the Metro area is charged by the km and needs to be quoted. The costume/item is collected from your nominated address and returned to us by the specified date.
  • There is no extra surcharge on the hired costume

Call us today to arrange this service.