The Grinch Costume

We all know that Dr Seuss created The Grinch as a bright green and hairy, pot-bellied, squished -nose creature with a mean tempered personality. But did you know that he’s 53 years (who would’ve thunk) old and lives on a cliff way above Whoville, and all of the happy folk that live there. They all think the reason for the Grinch’s cynical personality is because he was born with a heart 2 sizes too small. He grimaces at the thought of the Christmas season, particularly the horrible noises of Christmas carols that float up to his abode from town. so he set out to steal Christmas and ruin it for all of the town folk.

Grinch Mask

It feels like covid almost stole our Christmas. We’ve spent nearly the entire year of 2020 in a locked down space. Not being able to be with our loved ones, but just in the nick of time, we can celebrate together again! Woohoo! So i’m thinking that instead of just wearing a Santa suit, a Grinch Costume would be on point this Christmas, trying to steal Santa’s sack full of presents, like covid almost stole our Christmas.

So if you want to dress up in The Grinch costume, you can hire or buy one. He comes complete with green furry legs and hands, red elf shoes, a Santa top and belt and a latex Grinch Mask that covers the whole head with a Santa Hat on top. the mask is also covered in green shaggy matching fur. Click here to HIRE a Grinch Costume. Click here to BUY a Grinch Costume

Grinch (2)

If you’re feeling more giving than Grinchy , then you could dress in an Elf Costume, one of Santa’s Helpers including the funniest guy, Buddy The Elf. Being polar opposites, this would be a brilliant idea. Buddy the Elf and The Grinch together. Love it! He’s the most the most exciteable and hilarious Elf to dress as. You can HIRE or BUY Buddy the Elf too! Buddy consists of those gorgeous bright yellow leggings, his trademark green jacket and black belt, matching little hat and a browny blonde curly wig.

Buddy The Elf Costume, Adult

We have just re-vamped our ladies and men’s Elf Costumes for hire and totally look the goods! You can HIRE or BUY the Elf Costumes for men and women. The Elf Costumes for Hire for men include a dark green top with a jagged hemline, a red and green collar with little white pompoms on the ends, the trademark candy cane striped leggings and neck bib, a black belt with a big buckle, some red or green curly Elf Shoes and a curved Elf Hat in either red or green. They’re a nice free size which is cinched in on the waist with the belt. Also check out Buddy The Elf at the bottom of this blog. Click here to HIRE Elf Costumes


If you want to buy an Elf costume, we have a great Aussie Summer Elf costume, which look a little different to the hire ones, but still very Elfy and cool to wear. The Elf Costume to buy comes complete with a lightweight short sleeved red top with a jagged hemline, a green jagged collar attached with little bells on the ends, a matching firm standing curved Elf Hat with a green pompom and green 3/4 length pants or shorts. Green shoe covers and a black belt complete this Elf costume. This costume in a size small is perfect for teenagers as well. The belt cinches in the waist and turns the top into a tunic, team it up with some green & white striped socks. Click here to BUY Elf Costumes

Aussie Elf
Aussie Elf

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Have a fantastic Christmas everyone!

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