Costumes For Spring Racing Carnival Parties

Jockey Costumes

Spring Carnival

The Race that stops a Nation, the Melbourne Cup, when ladies don their finest outfit and matching hat, whilst men go to their wardrobe and pull out their Morning suits? Regardless of which day you plan on attending the races, there are a lots standard and strict rules for dressing for this carnival which can be fun, putting together a fabulous couture outfit, but can be a little stiff, if that doesn’t suit your personality. If you’re not going to any of the races but attending a friend’s BBq at home or at a sports bar, you could be a little different and go in Costume or Fancy Dress.
The choice of costumes is massive these days, with the sublime look from the Roaring Twenties or Gatsby to Retro Fifties, sixties and seventies, the crazy era of fashion.

Feel like looking a little ridiculous…jump into a horse costume or maybe dress in Jockey silks. Just to confuse the crowd, be a Rock star for the day… Bon Jovi, Axel Rose, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Grease costumes.
Hey how about a cartoon character… maybe the beloved family from Bedrock… YABBA DABBA DOOOO… it’s Fred, Barney, Wilma and Betty. there’s also Beauty and the Beast or maybe Prince Charming and Cinderella. … of course, no one wants to be the Ugly Sisters…There’s lots of characters to choose from, the list goes on.

Costumes attract cameras 🎥 so your chances of 5 minutes of fame are greater when in Costume or Fancy Dress. Imagine going home after the Big Race and seeing yourselves splashed across all social medias dressed as maybe Mickey and Minnie Mouse and perhaps Goofy, goofing around in the background with his pal Donald Duck, maybe they’re teasing DAISY!

So think out of the square and don’t be scared to venture out in costume… you’ll absolutely love your decision. Drop in and allow our experienced staff transform you for the day in one of our superb costumes. Costumes for Sale or Hire. You won’t regret it and Chilli agrees 😀

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