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Well who would’ve thought that in this day and age, we would all be locked up in our houses in social isolation because of a terrible viral pandemic! It’s quite unbelievable and devastating to everyone in more ways than one. For us it’s directly affected us. After 32 years of operation, we’ve gone from a 7 day a week business to only 2 half days a week. But as the saying goes, ADAPT IMPROVISE & OVERCOME… and we’ve done just that. We’ve adapted by implementing the government ordered safety measures to protect our customers and ourselves. We’ve improvised by offering FREE PARCEL POST POSTAGE to anywhere in Australia of any retail items you require and making our retail products available on Ebay & other sales platforms. We’ve overcome by keeping the doors open twice a week and communication with customer inquiries via phone or online.

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Here’s Chilli & Lacey… Just coz they’re cute!


We want you to know that you are completely safe coming into our Costume Wonderland. We are being vigilant and following the guidelines to protect anyone who comes in the store. We’ve always been very thorough with the cleaning and sanitizing of our hire items after each use and continue those procedures now. The door will be open so you won’t need to touch it. There will only be one staff member working … Sofie or myself, and socially distanced from you. Your hands will be sprayed upon entry with our big bottles of Isopropyl (searched everywhere to find it.. GOLD!) which is the active ingredient in hand sanitizer so it’s in it’s purest form. You can pay using our wireless touch free Eftpos terminals that will be placed on the counter near you and away from me. Every area touched by someone is sprayed with Isopropyl and wiped down.

Biohazard Costume
Biohazard Costume


At the moment as we all know too well, no-one is allowed to have a party or congregate, unless it’s done on a social app like Skype, Facebook messenger, Zoom or House Party (they’re the apps i know of anyway) So let’s have fun doing it! Instead of just sitting there accidentally letting your mates look straight up your nose, make your catch up a little more fun by dressing up in a fancy dress costume. Have an Isolation Fancy Dress Party! Yesssss.. who said we can’t still PARTAAYYYY, especially with a sneaky drinky or 10 😉 You could go all out by wearing a full costume or just put on a crazy wig, mask or hat. You could even talk to your friends and decide on a different theme each time you catch up.

Isolation Fancy Dress Party Theme Ideas

  • Nintendo – Super Mario Brothers Characters : Mario, Luigi, Wario, Yoshi, Princess Peaches, Donkey Kong, Toad, Bowser
  • Beards & Moustaches – How funny would it look with everyone, girls and guys sporting a fake moustache, beard or side burns.
  • Alice in Wonderland – Alice, The Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum, The White Rabbit, The Card Soldiers
  • The Wizard of Oz – Dorothy, Cowardly Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow, The Wicked Witch of the West, Glynda the Good Witch, A Flying Monkey & Mayor Munchkin
  • 80’s – This would have to be the most popular theme and really easy to do: 80’s Wigs, Neon Tennis Headbands, Coloured Wayfarer Sunnies, Madonna Headbands, Neon beads, Neon bracelets, Bandannas
  • Cartoon Characters – Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Cruella Deville, Teletubbies, Buzz Lightyear, Woody
  • Super Heroes – The Joker, Harley Quinn, Batman, Catwoman, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Hulk, Iron Man, Thanos, Black Widow
  • Masquerade Party – Various feathered, sequinned or glitter eye masks.
  • Food Costumes – Tequila Bottle, Hamburger, Hotdog, Banana,
  • Your Favourite Decade – 1920’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s
White Rabbit
Harley Quinn Birds Of Prey 1.jpg
The Joker Super Villian Secret Wishes Adult 1 1 1.jpg
Yoshi Costume Kit
Super Mario Brothers Mens Mario Deluxe Costume
Harley Quinn Birds Of Prey


You might be dressing up to take the bins out, as they say, the bins go out more than we do these days. Making funny videos on Tik Tok with your teenage kids or perhaps a “How To…” video on You Tube, dressing up in Cosplay costumes for your Insta page or making a film for your online media studies course … for whatever reason you may need, you can still hire a costume from us… you can still buy a costume from us … you can still buy face paint, special effects makeup, wigs, hats whatever you need. The phone is manned 7 days a week so give us a call on 03 95570222. Stay safe and make the most of this Isolation time off and have some fun with it!

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