Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples – 2020

Living through Stage 4 restrictions in Victoria during 2020 has been challenging for everyone. As with many other industries, our beloved fancy dress party industry has taken a direct hit too. Blown to smitherines! We’ve put our lives on hold, and all we can think about is getting back to work, and looking forward to socialising with our family and friends again.. we’re so close .. yet.. it seems so far.. we’re not quite back from the brink of Armageddon yet.

We’ve missed out on so many fancy dress birthday parties, big nights out at a bar or club dressed in costume, as our favourite super hero, movie character or celebrity.. and the next big event being Halloween, is just around the corner too. If restrictions aren’t lifted by the time October 31st arrives, Halloween .. it doesn’t mean we can’t still make it a fun day and night. For the first time in 6 years, Halloween falls on a Saturday. So lets not waste that opportunity to make it a whole lotta fun with the family at home, the kids will love it.. A Fractured Family Halloween Party you could have!  To give your small Fractured Family Halloween party a bigger impact, dress as a Halloween couple with your partner or someone else in the household. Do the same with the kids too.

Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples

In anticipation of a mega Halloween this year, we ordered a stack of super cool, affordable kids and Adults Halloween Costumes, which we now have in stock. We have male and female versions of some styles of costumes now, so you can match each other. Check out these matching Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples!


Horrifying clowns have been all the rage over the last decade. With the re-makes of the original Stephen Kings “It” movies, it’s certainly ramped up the whole scary clown popularity, so why not step up the scare factor and go as a Pennywise couple this Halloween. If you don’t want to paint you face, there’s also Pennywise and scary clown masks sold separately.

Pennywise Girl Costume
Pennywise Costume 1 1.jpg


Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!!! Yes there’s a female Beetlejuice costume too. You’ll love this quirky Halloween costume couple because you can be gross, rude and disgusting without ever feeling guilty about it! Just blame it on the costume ha ha !

Beetlejuice Secret Wishes Corset Adult 1 1 1.jpg
Beetlejuice Costume


This iconic horror movie which was released back in 1980 (hey a great idea for an 80’s themed fancy dress party.. just saying), is one of our fav’s. Loving the idea of Jason having a partner in crime, his own cheerleader egging him on to continue his hideous and evil ways.

Jason Cheerleader Secret Wishes Corset Costume Adult 1 1.jpg
Jason Deluxe Costume Adult 1 1 1.jpg


Don’t go to sleep!! No seriously.. this was THE scariest movie when i was a kid back in the 80’s. Freddy Krueger invading your dreams every night, threating your perception of dream vs reality. So now to make it worse there’s a lady Freddy haha.. well let’s get it right, she ain’t no lady. It’s a great matching costume though and will be double the impact on Halloween night.

Freddy Miss Kreuger Secret Wishes Adult 1.jpg
Freddy Krueger Costume Adult 1 1 1.jpg


Gotta love “The Walking Dead”… they’ve made zombies cool for along time now! It’s so easy to dress as a zombie, all you need is one of these easy to wear shredded, blood splattered zombie Halloween costumes, but add MORE blood, some white contact lenses, a bit of liquid latex to create some seriously gross looking dead skin, and white and black face paint. Use white face paint over your face and neck and black around your eyes, or mix a little bit of black face paint in with the white to create a deathly zombie grey colour. Don’t forget to add more blood AGAIN.. mmmmm brrraaaaaaaiiiiinnnsss.

Zombie School Boy Costume 1 1.jpg
Zombie School Girl 1.jpg


Skeletons are a crack up. There’s something really funny about seeing a bunch of bones walking around, or a couple of skeleton costumes dancing awkwardly in the dark, amongst the mist of a smoke machine! Ha ha! Wearing a face mask can be a bit restrictive and HOT, so painting your face or applying our skull face temporary tattoo fx which covers the whole face, looks amazing. The best part about the tattoo fx is that is won’t come off until you decide to remove it, so no smudging those skeleton teeth when you decide to quench your thirst after all of those top notch dance moves from earlier!

Skeleton Costume
Skull Face Tutu Dress


Now, this is the ultimate high impact idea! The Money Heist series which has taken the world by storm, is one of the best Halloween costume ideas for couples, and families. There’s the 8 main characters.. Tokyo, Rio, Denver, Berlin, Nairobi, Helsinki, Oslo and Moscow that you could be plus the hostages.. yep they all wear the same jumpsuit and mask. If you really want to look like a particular character, they also wore the Salvador Dali Mask on their arm, so you can wear a wig, a beard, any fancy dress accessory to suit the character you want to be. This is a winner!!

Money Heist Costume

These Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples are now in stock, as well as FX makeup, Scary Clown Masks, Wigs and many other Halloween accessories and available to buy directly from the web site with a Click & Collect Option too. With Australia Post being slammed with orders at the moment, don’t leave it until the week before Halloween to order yours because they may not arrive in time. So don’t sit around waiting, get cracking!

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