Dressing For St.Patricks Day

Why Green?

St.Patrick’s day is the day you absolutely cannot let pass you by without wearing a St.Patrick’s day costume or any type of green accessory. It’s simply not as fun drinking your green beer without resembling the same colour. But why green i hear you thinking out loud? … well back in the 7th century, the members of the order of St.Patrick used blue as their symbolic colour. They say that Ireland’s nick name, the Emerald Isle, is one of the reasons why the colour changed to green. Green is also in the national flag along with orange. Green representing the catholics and orange representing the protestants. The white in middle distinguishing the peace between the 2 religions. St. Patrick also used green shamrocks to teach people about the holy father, son and spirit. So there we have it.. GREEN!

What Do I Wear?

It’s pretty obvious that we’re going to mention Leprechauns when we talk about St. Patrick’s Day. Back in the day, these mischievous little guys were “seen” wearing red and gold jackets with pointy red hats. In this day, they are mainly seen wearing all green, and according to legend they’ll pinch anybody not wearing their favorite color of green. So it’s turned out that generally the most popular choice of St.Patrick’s Day costume is a Leprechaun. Wearing a fully green suit with a Leprechaun hat and donning a ginger beard (if you don’t have your own beard… don’t worry, we have them too) is definitely the way to go. You can hire a Leprechaun costume or buy one if you prefer. Think about whether you may use it again for next years St.Patrick’s Day and take into consideration the condition it may end up in. We all know how much beer will be eagerly consumed on this crazy day, so perhaps hiring a Leprechaun costume might be the better option for you. Which ever way you decide to go, the pricing is similar.

If you’re a little uneasy about turning up to the pub in a fully green costume, then all you have to do is just throw on some green accessories. Select some green body art face paint from our range of Global face and body paint. It’s creamy and easy to apply. It doesn’t streak or dry your skin out and simply washes off with water. enhance this by adding some green glitter face and body art, then decorate with our green face jewels. They have adhesive on them already so you simply peel them off and decorate your body or face. If you don’t like the design of the face jewels, just cut them up and put them anywhere you like. Our green hair paint is great too. It’s just a spray on colour. Unlike hair spray, it doesn’t dry solid, it leaves your hair still feeling soft, without staining your skin or hair. Simply with it out with soap or shampoo.

If painting or decorating your body is not your thing, you can create your own Leprechaun costume by popping on a Leprechaun hat, a green bow tie, either oversized, regular sized or long and sequinned, with a pair of green braces and a matching green vest. As we mentioned earlier, you can grow an instant ginger coloured beard as well, with our fake furry all in one beard and moustache, which is on elastic. Check out our full range of party accessories.

There are also various other things you can wear to channel your inner St.Patrick’s Day Irishman or woman. Put on a green wig and some green Wayfarer sunnies, green leggings and a tutu, only if you don’t want to specifically look like a Leprechaun. As long you you have something green on, you’ll fit right in. You can view all of what we have to offer in our Party Fancy Dress Costumes And Party Accessories range.

If there is anything else in particular you are looking for and can’t find it on our web site, just give us a call on 03 95570222 or visit our huge store. There’s plenty of parking available. Now remember, St.Patrick’s Day is NOT a public holiday for Leprechauns, nor is the next day (hangover hell) so don’t forget to drink water’s between your pints of Guinness… yeh right! Have fun!