Retractable Fangs



Decide when the vampire in you will come out to play with a set of these fabulous retractable  fangs Halloween special FX teeth. Perfectfor a Halloween costume or True Blood character.


  • Mouth tray with back molar tooth wells and one fang on either side.
  • Tooth wells contain putty to custom fit the fangs.
  • Instructions for use are included inside the packaging.

As these are a custom fitting fang using fitting putty, we recommend fitting them 24 hours prior to your event to let the putty set and harden! Step-by-step instructions on how to custom fit fangs are included with the packaging.

NOTE: It takes a little time to get used to how these feel in your mouth, the more you wear them the more you’ll get used to them. Be sure to keep your mouth wet or drink water to help it retract better because your using your tongue to do  it.

If you accidentally break them, use the white putty to fix.  Melt the white putty in hot water, put just enough putty inside the hole where it makes it retract down & up.  If its too hard and it can’t retract up or down, put it in hot water and let it melt and try to retract it up and down then let it cool down.  If it has too much putty in the hole try & take a little bit out.

Not suitable for children.








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