Holy crime-fighting, he is part of the Dynamic Duo! Often referred to as Boy Wonder and Batman’s side-kick, Robin has taken on many identities and characters throughout the history of DC Comics. Best known as the young hero assisting Batman in saving Gotham City from the many super villains, he is also reincarnated as Nightwing and Red Hood. Dick Grayson has appeared as Robin in a long list of TV shows, movies and video games. Also, a member of the Teen Titans Go! Team, he can be seen in blockbuster films by Warner Bros like Batman & Robin (1949), Batman Forever (1995) and Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2008).

Black polyester cape with scalloped edging and velcro fasten at collar
Moulded EVA plastic mask with velcro fasten and elastic strap
Pants, t-shirt and shoes not included
This is an officially licensed DC Comics product
Size(s) 6+

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