Violet Lilac Contact Lens



ENCHANTED LILAC circle lenses feature a rich, textured, and deeply colored mix of vivid purple and bright pink accents that meets a darker outer ring.

On light natural eyes, you can expect to see more of the pink tones present in these beauty lenses.

On dark natural eyes, the very vivid purple shades of the ENCHANTED LILAC colored contact lenses create a surprisingly bright look for Halloween.

Technical Information

Item no.: 705
Iris Effect:
Color: 2 tones
Occasion: Everyday & Evening
Refractive Power: Plano
Sizing/Fitting: Diameter 14.0 mm / Base Curve 8.6 mm
Packaging: 2 lenses per box
Usage/Wear: 5 years shelf life / 90 days usage
Material: 62% Polymacon / 38% Water

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